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Dr. Lei Miao Professor

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This laboratory accepts international students. If you would like to join us, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Research Topics

The team of Materials and Devices for Thermal-to-Electric Energy Conversion puts forth effort to solve the foundational and key scientific problems of thermal energy storage, thermal conversion, and heat loss during utilization processes of renewable energy and other green energy. The main research areas include: (1) Synthesis of novel high-efficiency thermoelectric materials, correlated mechanism exploration, and device design; (2) Preparation of solar photothermal conversion material and direct solar steam generation (DSSG) system and their industrial applications; (3) Energy saving and harvesting materials. The team strives for a breakthrough on the design to achieve high performance, synthesis to reduce environmental hazards, and devices to assure high cost-effectiveness and efficiency for energy management and harvesting materials

Materials and Devices

    Research Framework

    • Research topic: solar thermal conversion and utilizations.
    • Research topics: thermoelectric conversion materials and devices.